About Us



Inspiring by ant philosophy which have the good teamwork, care each other, creative, never give up, have the vision of facing the challenges, we set up Semesta Mandiri as the answer of giving the best services in logistic business.

Ant lives in colony with each role to achieve the goals. Each of the ant give the contribution for the goals. As same as our shareholder’s goal are increasing well being by giving each contribution for that.

Always giving the best solution, so we must creative and never quit, like the ant which keep looking for another way to get where we are supposed to go.

Ants think winter all summer, ants think summer all winter. That is so important. So do not stuck in any circumstances, moving forward as a leading logistic business.


The Semesta Group is a growing symbol to be the logistic business. PT Semesta Mandiri Transport was founded in 2009. We serve inland transportations. PT Semesta Mandiri Transport, which specializes for Jabodetabek, Sumatera and Jawa delivery.

The Semesta Group is supported by professionals team to provide all customer needs.


To be the best logistic company in Indonesia.


  • Giving solution as integrated logistic that have added value for client and stakeholders.
  • Wide business network.
  • Increasing the quality of human resources and support by technology.
  • Increasing well being.

Our values

I – Integrity in teamwork
S – Strength commitment
E – Empowerment
R – Reliability
V – Value of ownership
E – Enhance accountability